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Company Profile

Eight years ago, Jeanny entered the children's educational product industry from the development and export of children's stationery. After many years of providing high-quality products for children's education, Jeanny upgraded the business to a supplier with mature supply chain in educational toy field. All the developments and designs of our products are based on our conception: Love for Kids. We hope to help children develop their creativity and imagination while playing.

Fun, Focus, Find and Future are our four philosophy.


Jeanny pays the most attention to make children "learn for fun", and toys are an indispensable part of children’s life. It can bring infinite pleasure to children. So we developed mould and paint, handcraft, mosaic art, sequins creation, science, excavation series products and so on. Also, the process of parents playing with children is full of fun. Our products not only make children happy, but also bridges the gap between parents and children, which create a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere for a family. 


 "Focus" is the most important concept in Jeanny’s product development. We are devoted to the developments and designs of children's educational toys for years with the goal ofbringing high-quality products to every family. At the same time, our educational toys are easy to begin with yet sophisticated applied science and technology, spark and engage the higher brain activities. As such, the toys improve children's concentration, train their hand-brain coordination ability, balance and tactile building, and enhance their logic, reasoning, analysis and imagination.


Focusing on the game helps children develop their own interests and hobbies, as well as find their own strengths. Mould and paint series are designed for children to differentiate colors, and inspire children to gain the skills of moulding. Through the creation of mosaic and sequin, it improves children's ability to recognize colors. Cultivate children's patience through handcraft series and improve their hand-brain coordination ability. Broaden children's scientific knowledge and inspire their ability to explore the unknown world through science and excavation products.


The feature of Jeanny educational toy is teaching through lively activities, inspiring creativity and imagination in the process of playing, discovering the advantages and disadvantages of children, harvesting ability and knowledge in the process of concentration.Children is our future. Jeanny aims to provide good environment for children's physical and mental development, helping children to be more intelligent and brave on the way to the future, and assist children to have better development in the future.

Good price, Good quality, Good service and Good products are the four advantages of our company.

Good price

From the beginning of the company set up to now, with our many years of experience, the price of our products is stable and competitive. Because we have a strong supply chain and corporation with our main partner factories for more than eight years, including plaster factory, printing factory, pen factory, paint factory, plastics factory, wood factory, bag factory and so on. We have good reputation, which keeps our  prices competitive and enables customers buy high quality products at the best price.

Good quality

 Safety and quality is our first priority. We have a mature supply chain and long-term cooperative relationship with more than 200 factories. We have our own warehouses, factories and workers. All of the packaging, quality inspection, and shipping are conducted by ourselves, so that we can provide the best products. We work closely with highly reputable testing labs to ensure  all elements of our products, from the ingredients to their eventual use in various activities, conform to the latest U.S. and E.U. safety standards. For example, the plaster powder of mould and paint series is even edible, so that parents can rest assured and children can grow up happily with Jeanny.

Good service 

With excellent pre-sales and after-sales service, you can consult us about the product information any time before purchasing or using the product. We will always provide the best help for customers and meet their needs. We are happy to hear    customer suggestions and will reply within 24 hours. If there is any quality problem about our products, we will reimburse the full freight fees and replace the products. If there are any feedbacks, we are open-minded to listen and willing to change. Customer’s feedback is our biggest booster to get better.

Good products

Only with Good price, Good quality and Good service can our final Good products come to live.

We are working with young artists and designers to develop more than80toys every year to truly keep pace achieve sustainable development. Our relentless commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability forms the basis of our everyday operation. Form simple manufacturing processes to complex product development projects, we are devoted to complete our work in the highest quality and in the most innovative way.

We're not just a company that produces and sells toys; we're really infiltrating “Love for Kids” into every aspect. With customers’ support, we will return to the community. Every year, we donate many of our products to children in less developed areas. We want to help them learn and grow, developing their creativity and imagination. 

In an era where many toy companies have struggled and failed, Jeanny has proved that high-quality products, hardworking and quality service can go further and further. It is our unremitting pursuit to keep our original intention and become a truly loving and caring organization.